During the training you take a journey to the layers of your consciousness, find yourself in various states, see yourself from the outside, and wonder why you did so many things unconsciously. I believe you should give yourself a chance to try the PURIFICATION, DEDICATION and INITIATION rituals of the TETHEVA training. I believe it is worth to attend this training even just for these rituals. And you become a respectable certified cosmic healer to boot.


Even the fact that the number of trainees at a given class is limited to 10 to 15 proves the value and respect given to trainees and the course. Although I respect the notion that everything must come at a price to provide continuity, I believe TETHEVA’s mission is to be a means for awakening and arising of mankind, beyond the healing.


I believe TETHEVA unites the Cosmic SOUND Frequencies with light, knowledge and energy to promote the profession of healer to an upper level. I used to be a Reiki master. But I always felt something was missing. TETHEVA Cosmic Healing method completed that missing part. I feel more integrated and internally completed while I practice a session.


TETHEVA picks up you from the endless labyrinth of your mind and takes you to a journey to the endless layers of existence, just like a space ship, at the INITIATION stage. I am grateful for having attended the training and become a healer. Now I have inner peace and my life is meaningful.


The panic attack crises I had immediately disappeared after I had a TETHEVA session. Upon seeing this miracle, I attended the training and became a therapist. I was healed, and now I heal others. I also send trainees to the training and receive a fee for it. Thanks.


You cannot understand some things unless you experience them. I had hit the rock bottom in both material and moral terms before attending this training. There was nothing for me to enjoy my life. As the last resort I borrowed money and attended the training. Then everything changed. I found a new job. I found my soul mate, and life became something to live for. TETHEVA training is both a course that teaches us, illuminates us and reveals the truth to us, and a unique personal therapy.


Initially I was worried of what could I do. I met some of the therapists during the training and saw how happy they were. All of them told me that they had achieved excellent results in the sessions they gave after the training. They were all smiling. This gave me courage to complete the training. Now I congratulate myself for having attended the training.


Being a healer is the greatest gift given to us. I perceived this fact with my heart during the DEDICATION stage of the training course. My awareness improved. My relationships got better. The Universe effortlessly took over the task of solving all my problems from me. I believe everybody should meet TETHEVA Cosmic Energy Healing Frequencies.


Attending a TETHEVA training course was a turning point in every sense in my life. I overcame the many obstacles I suffered for a long time and developed a magnificent skill to serve mankind.