Mr. Nihat says the session he named TETHEVA aims to bring us to the optimum level of balance we must be in, and introduces us to our real source and balance. We all have problems with our lives somewhere along the way. Our relationships are broken, our beloved ones walk out on us, we lose some of our beliefs, we have financial problems. You name it. The experience each patient has in a TETHEVA session is unique to that person. For example, I felt like I was suspended in the air, like I am bungee jumping. It was a tremendous feeling of freedom. Then I understood my inability to control my anger and my extremely obsessive state of mind were caused by the fact that my freedom was intervened. All my problems disappeared at that moment. I feel great now. I would like to thank TETHEVA and its team of great people. Getting to know you was one of the most beautiful things I did in my life.