Reward Yourself and Your Beloved with a

“TETHEVA” Cosmic Frequency Healing Session!

Let The Vibrations Rise!

What about Letting the Transforming Effect of the
TETHEVA  Cosmic “SOUND” “SOUND” Frequencies
“BALANCE” all of Your Physical, Mental,
Emotional and spiritual Bodies?


It is for Healing a specific sickness. 3, 6 or 9 sessions are held depending on the type of sickness.


1 or 3 sessions are held to “BALANCE” your Physical,Mental,Emotional and Spiritul Bodies by ensuring the TETHEVA Cosmic Healing “SOUND” Frequencies increase the Vibrations of your magnetic Energy Field.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of vibration.” (Nicola Tesla)


Vibration is everything in the Universe. When your vibrations rise;

  • Your awareness and inner peace increase>
  • Your motivation escalates
  • You attract a higher quality of life and relations
  • You are relieved of intellectual and mental burdens that lower your energy
  • Your increased vibrations attract health, money and affluence

Session is held Local or Remote.

Since the law of time and space is not applicable to energy, the healing effect remains the same!


45 minutes to 1 hour

  • It is a supplementary and supportive Cosmic Frequency Healing Treatment.
  • It is held without touching the patient.
  • Patients are not hypnotized, they are put in a state of semitrance.
  • No side effect has been reported to date.
  • No medication is given or recommended before and after the session.
  • It is not an Alternative Treatment.
  • You are suggested to have this session as Helping Treatments in addition to your Medical Treatment.

“Healing comes from God. One should stick to the reasons.”

Favorable results achieved for diseases

Muscular rheumatism
Immune system disorders
Back pain
Back hernia
Neck pain
Neck hernia
Nose bleeding

Tongue ulcer
Hepatitis B-C
Various types of cancer
Heart diseases

Parkinson’s disease
Panic attack
Drug abuse
High tension

* TETHEVA Cosmic Frequency Healing does not replace medicine as Diagnostic or Therapeutic Method. Useful as a Supportive Tool for Medical Methods!

Comments by TETHEVA Session Tasters

I was suffering migraine crises and losing consciousness. I was sad for not being able to fulfill my responsibilities as a wife and mother. The TETHEVA session came to my rescue. It would not hurt to give it a try. I thought what I could lose. Result: my migraine pains are history now.

My five-year-old daughter had a speech disorder. It broke my and my husband’s heart to see her being made fun by her cousins while they played and not being able to communicate well with us. She was undergoing medical treatment, and we thought a TETHEVA session might just speed up her healing process. And it did. She began to pronounce the words right after having a few sessions. Her speech got remarkably well. Thanks.

I was devastated when I was diagnosed to have stomach cancer. I thought it might be good to have all the supportive treatments available in addition to my ongoing medical treatment, including herbal medicines and energy medicine. I was recommended to have TETHEVA. The sessions gave my state of mind and healing process a positive boost. My doctor told me that my response to the treatment got faster than normal. I explained him that I had TETHEVA, and he recommended me to continue to have it as a supportive treatment. Thank god my nightmare is over. I recommend people suffering similar diseases to have TETHEVA.

I was feeling weak and tired at all times. It was affecting my work and private life and making me unhappy. I watched a few video clips on TETHEVA, where people talked about miraculous healings. It aroused my interest. I thought it might help me. I had three sessions, and the result was just unbelievable. My perception clarified. I felt very good and wanted to do new activities all day. It reflected marvelously to my private and work life.

I am 38-year-old housewife. I suffered migraine as far as I could remember. And it is a truly unbearable sickness. The pain made me want to bang my head against the wall. I read an online article about TETHEVA sessions healing many sicknesses including migraine, cancer, back pain, back hernia, etc. I immediately made an appointment and attended a session. After the session I waited the next migraine crisis to come. This was almost four months ago. My migraine disappeared.

I had panic attack crises for many years, and none of the treatments available cured them, so how could a few sessions cure them? I remember saying “Get out of here, that’s nonsense!” to my sister who suggested me to have this session. I attended a TETHEVA session just because she kept on insisting. Now my panic attack crises disappeared! I think one should not be so prejudiced in life. Thanks.

We want to see concrete, hard evidence for everything. However, the whole script of one’s life is written in an unknown, invisible field, isn’t it? I am a doctor of medicine, and was prejudiced against such alternative treatments. My six-year-old daughter had a speech disorder. I took her to many specialist doctors in both Turkey and other countries, but nothing worked. My husband is an M.D. too, so at one time we went together to a two-day medical seminar held abroad and trusted our daughter, Ayşin, to her uncle Hakan whom she loved the most. Hakan is a man loving to make surprises, and gave us the greatest surprise of our lives when we returned. Ayşin told me “Welcome back, mommy, I missed you much” without twisting her tongue, pausing, or panting for the first time in her life. Words fail me to describe the feeling I had at the time. Hakan told us that he persuaded Ayşin to have a session in our absence. He gave information about the method and technique used in the session. I don’t exactly know what happened in the session yet and I haven’t arrived at a conclusion yet for believing or not believing in this system, but the fact remains: Ayşin can talk now. Thanks Hakan. Thanks TETHEVA.”

My father had hyper tension for years. He felt dizzy and panicked when his blood pressure rose. His worst nightmare was to be out for a visit and to find that he forgot his hyper tension pills at home. The fact that he had hyper tension and its negative outcomes made him grumpy and pessimist. A psychologist diagnosed him to have manic depression. Then he had TETHEVA sessions and underwent some serious changes. He became calmer, resigned to his disorder and complained less. Then his doctor conducted some tests and told us that his blood pressure returned to normal. His manic depressive bursts disappeared at the same time. Mr. Nihat explains his method in scientific terms, but he always emphasizes that his sessions are ‘supportive treatment’ and that patients should continue to undergo medical treatment. The results speak for themselves. I am sure a force we are not aware of helps this treatment.

Mr. Nihat says the session he named TETHEVA aims to bring us to the optimum level of balance we must be in, and introduces us to our real source and balance. We all have problems with our lives somewhere along the way. Our relationships are broken, our beloved ones walk out on us, we lose some of our beliefs, we have financial problems. You name it. The experience each patient has in a TETHEVA session is unique to that person. For example, I felt like I was suspended in the air, like I am bungee jumping. It was a tremendous feeling of freedom. Then I understood my inability to control my anger and my extremely obsessive state of mind were caused by the fact that my freedom was intervened. All my problems disappeared at that moment. I feel great now. I would like to thank TETHEVA and its team of great people. Getting to know you was one of the most beautiful things I did in my life.

Who is Nihat Hacifazlioglu?

Having studied economics, Nihat Hacifazlioglu (NH) worked as a top management executive and Leader for some of the Globally Famous Trademarks. The situations and events he faced during his journey to personal awakening took him to the junction of confronting again the skills he had but suspended due to the promise he gave as a child to his mother. He was specialized in vibrational treatment and frequency treatment and added the transforming power of the cosmic sound frequencies in the energy treatment methods. His practice miraculously cured many patients having psychological or physical disorders, and this success drove him to conduct deep scientific studies. After beginning to speak in the light language, he named his cosmic frequency healing method TETHEVA because it is applied through the light creature named “Erra TETHEVA” from the star Pleiades “TAYGETA”. He developed a training course to teach this method and trained and still trains thousands of TETHEVA Cosmic Healing Master Practitioners in Turkey and other countries.

NH provides people with an opportunity to be Successful Healers by Teaching Them to be aware of themselves and to grow the divine seed they have inside them. TETHEVA Cosmic Frequency Healing method opened a new window in the lives of thousands of people and made them discover that they have a great talent and they can present it to mankind.

WHY NOT YOU Be The Next Person?


TETHEVA, complements the science of Healing in this planet with its missing part, namely the “Cosmic SOUND” frequencies.

TETHEVA brings out the Healing Power of the Cosmic Frequencies of Magnetic Fields and makes it possible for you to “BALANCE” your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies in full.

TETHEVA Cosmic Healing Frequencies will promote you to an upper level if you are Healer, or guide you to discover the Healer in you if you want to be a Healer, activating your ‘Purpose of Life’ and guiding you to serve mankind.

TETHEVA is a Cosmic Frequency Healing which you can experience by having a session and which you can learn to practice on both yourself and other people irrespective of your age, education level, and even physical state.

• The Book will be available in English at soon.